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Exxes F. Hauffen (Owner/Consultant)

Exxes is a Combat Veteran, who has taken photos all over the world. His inspirations comes from traveling the world and seeing beauty everywhere he set foot. Exxes has a passion to create. He loves guiding people in articulating and expressing their ideas and visions.  If you have an idea and want to make it a reality, send us an email. 

Mark C. Williams (Photographer/Assistant)

Mark is a native San Diegan with over 20 years experience. Mark loves a challenge. If you have an idea, outside the realm of everyday photography, contact Mark directly using the link below. 

Cisco Carbajal (Photographer/Assistant)

Cisco is inspired by his surroundings, magazines, local events, people, and most of all his family. He loves to capture the moments people create in their everyday life. The beauty in capturing and appreciating a moment in time is something Cisco loves to be a part of. When he is not off capturing with his camera, he is spending it with his family  and children creating moments of his own. 

Scott Beach (Videographer/Assistant/Equipment Manager)

Scotty is our Videographer, Operator, and Equipment Manager. When we are working on site, no matter the location, he gets the job done. From setting up equipment such as cameras, mics, lighting, and more, he also brings a joyous personality that is unparallel.

Byron M. Espinoza (Our Los Angeles Sponsored Photographer)

Byron is a young photographer full of energy and zeal, sponsored us "Compass Media Productions." Byron's friendly and social energy is great for any event, group, or high energy photography needs. 

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